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Harry Walters Jr. - Stockton Arrest
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Harry Walters Jr.

2008 Stockton, California Arrest
- available for press interview
Harry Walters
Stockton Police willfully destroy evidence - video clip |
County DA Office
San Joaquin County DA receives info that Stockton Police willfully destroy evidence - video clip |

Stockton Police willfully destroy evidence - unlawful conduct
Stockton DA
San Joaquin County DA Office | ought to file a felony criminal complaint against the Stockton PD Officers for destroying evidence in this case.
Mission Statement

The District Attorney's office is committed to serving this County responsibly by prosecuting criminal acts aggressively and fairly. We seek to protect the law-abiding and create a safer environment in which our population may live and prosper.
Harry Walters, Jr.
Court Date: July 14, 2007

San Joaquin County Court House Dept. #17
222 East Weber Avenue Stockton CA 95202
I WAS ARRESTED today Ed....

I was charged with 2 counts of disturbing the peace...

for what you may ask?

because i was filming the police harassing me....

first incident an hour prior to arrest...

I was asked to show I. D. [Stockton PD] for drinking a beer at the county fair...

#1 they make you show I. D. to purchase the beer....

So we went back and forth on that point..
all this is being "video recorded" by me.

So I gave the beer to my father-in-law...
because they told me i would have to pour it out if I didn't produce identification.

And they were not getting my personal information when there is 30 other people drinking beer around me..

I was singled out.


I was the only African American there at that location
besides a security guard

I wouldn't go for their intimidation tactics

and also
hey did not ask anyone else around me for identification

so after I rained on their fiery quest to deny my civil rights and
asserted my 1st 4th and 5th amendment rights they go away and converse...

they then proceeded to stand behind me..

so I stand behind them
one moves behind me again
his badge # IS 4310

so then I sit down

when i get up
I tell the officer if he follows me again
i will consider it stalking and file a complaint

I get up to join my family again
and he follows me out and joins his partner and converses
and talking on their radios and we leave to go enjoy the rest of our evening...

once we leave
we notice 4 plain clothes officers with police on the back of their vest
follow us as we entered the midway and out...

Harry Walters, Jr.
Note: this act attracted Latinos but not so many blacks from the community.
That explains why Harry Walters, Jr. was the one black the Stockton Police Officers singled out.
after that my girlfriend's father

went to see the Ramon Ayala concert...

we separated...

its just me and my girlfriend now..

walking going towards the rest rooms
I notice the beer incident police following us
but at a distance

so I decided to stop and get footage of them watching me

they then get on the radio's and 4 different officers in plain clothes with police on the back
walk up and they converse and they all start staring in my direction

still filming I look to my right and there are the other 4 plain clothes officers...

so I have 6 officers to my left
and 4 to my right 30 feet from me...

this is where it gets tricky

I am then contacted by officer his Badge Number is #4....

he just appeared out of thin air

now know what you mean

he then asks me to leave the fair..?????...????...

I ask him why he was telling me "to leave the fair"

I got no response

I then stated my 1st  4th and 5th |
to him seeing this was bad from the start...

all this while i am at liberty |
in pursuit of happiness | with my girl

he then grabs me and puts my wrist behind my back "escorting me out".....

for at this point I'm not told???...
yes I'm filming all of this Ed...

Sony Camcorder

I say after about 20 feet here comes officer # 4310
from the beer incident
grabbing my camera
then proceeding to put that wrist in a UFC wrist lock...

are you wondering why he's grabbing me?

my screams of pain giving him such joy twisting it more and more..

as I type this my hand is still numb but my spirit is strong...

he then starts yelling in my ear
telling me what are you going to do now Bitch

all the while I am being escorted out or so i think???

after 40 feet I am now being hand cuffed
and led to a building turns out it's the police office they were using at the fair..

at which time I am forced to enter
sit down and asked for my name..

I then see officer S. Leonesio # 1232
at which time he says hey Harry...

I don't want a 148 pc...
and i tell them my name
I then joked with officer Leonesio
that had i seen their new bicycle law hand book...
he joked they made it after me...

Note: Harry has been stopped by police in Stockton while riding a bicycle.

In 2003-2004 I was stopped 7 times
and issued a ticket
after flipping 2 officer the bird and complained.

It was like I was on a hit list...

Let me be clear Ed...
I don't just flip an officer off when i see one...
but when I'm scrutinized like I'm a criminal
its my first amendment right to do so and i use it

back to the incident...

I ask why i am in handcuff
at which time officer badge # 4.. sits down
and starts to tell me I'm not a street lawyer
and the boys in blue always win....

I then ask the officer what was his purpose
when he first contacted me

he then said to eject me from the fair
and I asked him for what

and I did not get an answer

I then ask why am i handcuffed
I received no answer

I sat there for 20 minutes not knowing why I am handcuffed

then officer # 4 comes and tells me
I have the right to remain silent
that i am under arrest for 2 counts of
disturbing the peace??????? ???????? ?????

I then ask the officer #4 cause
that's who's arresting me
what was his purpose for contacting me
his answer was again to eject me from the fair

I then ask him why?
I get no response.

I then ask him why was I under arrest
if he was ejecting me from the fair?

he told me because I was disturbing the peace????

who's peace am I disturbing?

Really Ed
Who's peace am i disturbing at a county fair
packed with latino's
[while I am] filming Police Injustice??

he then starts the bullshit jibber jabber
but i stick strictly to questions.

no answers to their questions.

the other beer officer #4310
engages me saying didn't you hear him
are you a retard????....????

also [officer] # 4 has 2 "^^" stripes.

other officers enter the office to see me
and try to engage me

then officer engages me and
right away i ask him for his name and badge #...

call him the special officer...

none of which [name and badge #] i receive...

Officer # 4 then gets up and leaves the office building
with the officer whose badge number i didn't receive
with the special officer

with my camera in his hand.

I sit with glee hoping he'll take my camera outside
and record over my encounters
and me stating my rights... [on video tape]

back to me in the office for now...
as the office clears officer # 4310's true feelings
come to light saying that he'd hate to be me
and "he feels sorry for my race!"

sorry for our race?

Ed I need you...

I then ask him why wasn't he man enough
to state that on camera
and he replies what do you think I'm stupid.

all the while my camera is out side
and their doing "who's know what"?

and "who knows what"
aka my girlfriend who and has what being me...

if you hold on....
I'll tell you what what is....
all the while his partner is in the back
typing the report for officer #4

my camera outside still

officer # 4 and the special officer come back in the office

still I did not ask for my camera like I never missed it.

I ask officer # 4
why was I being arrested
and he told me I told you already.

the special officer engages me
and I ask him for his name and badge #

again none of which I receive.

I then ask the special officer
if he knew if it was a violation of California law
for him not to give me proper identification
he then tells me there is no such law

more gibberish

I stop talking to him
and he leaves the building

officer # 4 leaves the building again also.

officer # 4 leaves the building
for another 10-15 minutes

then officer # 4 comes back in
asking if they knew where my camera was

he then acted as if he remembers
and these are his words
"oh they got it in the other building"...

ok I'm done talking with everyone inside...

officer # 4 comes in with my camera in hand...

with the 2 officers that would [soon] take me to the jail...

and places my camera back on the counter...
and I am taken to the jail buy the 2 transport officers...

as with most California jails they are over crowed.

Note: County Sheriff's jail.
Handcuffs given back to Stockton Police.
Booked. Given a court date document. Released.

I was released.

this why I'm able to recall all of this to you now.

so I get released i get my property back...

I film my exit for the jail
since its never been done on youtube...

I got to review the 2 encounters
and voilà  [French for "look there"]

its recorded over [prior video recordings now gone]

this is where well looks like

"I" lose...


They had a conversation with my girlfriend right there next to [the building]
while they were recording....

this is the troubling part

after finishing talking to my girlfriend
one of the officers is heard [on the video] saying:

don't we take the camera
or give it to him

in which the officer replies

"give it to him so he can put it in his coffin!"

I need you Ed.
I am in fear for my life.

My court date is
7-14-08 8:30 am at the
San Joaquin County Court House Dept. #17
222 E Weber Ave., Stockton, CA.

I repeat - he said "give it to him so he can put it in his coffin"

please help....

I am going to the public defenders office in the morning...

my name is Harry Walters Jr.

I am in fear now Ed

Sheriff County of San Joaquin |
Harry Walters, Jr.
415.3 PC
California Penal Code | 415.3
Court Document
Court Document - 06-22-2008 - Courthouse: 209 468-2935

Harry Walters
Harry Walters
Harry Walters, Jr.
Stockton CA

Stockton Courthouse
Stockton California
Stockton CA
Harry Walters, Jr.
Harry Walters Jr. - Video Clip | Cops ask for ID
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