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Edward Lawson
STAND UP STRAIGHT - June 2008 at the Huffington Post |

I've been absent from 8th grade for decades but I can still remember the return-from-sumer-vacation "show & tell." I can hear my teacher tell me to stand up straight. I can imagine how I might tell the other little boys & girls as school starts about my summertime constitutional collision with the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration on board an ordinary Amtrak train in Albuquerque, New Mexico earlier this week as I attempted to travel by train from Los Angeles to Chicago.

On Sunday, June 8, at 10:45 AM, at Union Station in Los Angeles, I boarded Amtrak's Southwest Chief # 4, train car 413, seat 6 and, amazed that we departing on time, I anticipated that we would arrive at Chicago's Union Station on time, on Wednesday at 3:20 PM. - text continued here |

April 12, 2008
Huffington Post |

by Norman Horowitz

It was almost 30 years ago that I met a most unusual man, Edward Lawson

When at times I naively consider how courageous I am in speaking truth to power
I think about Ed, and how he as a black man has bravely confronted the emissaries of the...

Huffington Post article

2007 - Edward Lawson arrest - Driving While Black
LA County Sheriff Arrest  | facts - details - document copies
Huffington Post - April 12, 2008 on LA Times report of LA  County Sheriff's arrest contests

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