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December 2007
I have become an avid fan and admirer for what you have accomplished even with all the adversity you must have endured. I guess it reminds me of the the saying "whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger".

I am glad I was nearby when that fellow was walking through here, I feel like he and I crossed paths, and this community will never forget it.

I made this permanent website http://blackmanwalking.googlepages.com/ which has a brief description and links toto yours for the incident report.Coker Creek will never be the same.

I appreciate you

Health and Prosperity in the New Year

Manny Silva

November 2007
Legal Blues

After reading through your site (Interested, because my Wife works for the Cooperate Stores), I was amazed to say the least. I can assert that there are many other cities and townships that practice the SAME type of disorder. We presently live in a dominate Hispanic Community (And we are WHITE), and are treated very different. Within the first week arriving here (about three years ago) my wife sent my son down to the store for Bread and Milk (On A Bike). During his return with the products, a California Sheriff (Hispanic) told him to stop and drop the bike, and put down the food. He complied, and then was patted down, asked for ID, and told he seemed out-of-place in a hispanic township. He went further on telling him to be careful in THIS town because of his color. My wife and I were outraged, so we elected to call his boss at the substation. We got nothing but a song and dance run around. You would think that was enough for them to stop harassing him, Oh-no. I purchased a Car for him to get a job. Went to the DMV, and got all the required paperwork, they informed us it would take 4-6 weeks for the License plates to arrive. The very next day, he was pulled over twice by Sheriffs, and the next day, the next and so on for over a week. They told him that because he had no license plates was the REASON he was getting pulled over. Once again I called to file a complaint, just to have it fall on deaf ears.

In effect, the police are above the law. They can do whatever they want and get away with it. And they wonder why they get shot and killed from time to time. United States has rights for the people, they just choose to ignore them. Law enforcement does not have to justify ANYTHING because they have a Badge, and that my friend is WRONG. That makes them no better than the K.G.B. or secret police. Its hard to fight city hall, since no one listens. What are people supposed to do?

What I expect is the people to take a stand, and fight back. This is OUR country, or sons are dying for it as we speak. We need to protect it from anything that would harm it in such a way to remove or rights and freedom. Thank You.

-- Terry Grant themechanic2007 at gmail.com

Dear Mr. Lawson,

You have my admiration and thanks for all the work you've done.

I recently had a similar incident to what you experienced in El Segundo just a few miles to the south in Torrance. In Torrance one can't drive across the city at night without the spotlight treatment. After complaining and putting up with it for years I flipped off a pair of these spotlight happy officers. I was pulled over, attacked, and thrown in jail with a false resisting arrest charge. I'm currently in the process of the pretrial. Fortunately I was able to borrow money to hire a lawyer, so I don't have to rely on my own legal skills for defense. However your story of self representation is inspiring. I wonder if you can suggest a list of books that I, having no legal background at all, can read to get a grasp on the legal system and the ability to represent myself in the future?

Thank you.


Hello Mr. Lawson!

I have just watched your 4-part series on YouTube about your arrest by sheriff deputies in El Segundo, and I felt I had to write to you. I am fascinated by your story, and I'm going to watch all of your videos and read all of your website.

I remember seeing you years ago on Oprah, but at the time, I am ashamed to admit, I was very racist in my thinking, and didn't fully appreciate what you were doing. I was associating with white supremacists and militias, and sort of delving into that whole world of paranoia. At some point, I saw a video of the courtroom presentation by Morris Dees in the civil case against WAR (White Aryan Resistance) over their incitement of the murder of Mulugeta Seraw, and it hit me like a brick wall. I saw how wrong I was, and it made me sick.

That was all a long time ago, and seeing your videos describing your treatment by those police officers reminded me of who I was then, and brought back those feelings of shame.

I've had a lot of changes in my life the last few years: facing my insecurities about race; realizing I am an atheist; coming out as a gay man; changing to a vegan diet. I feel like I'm just starting to really become MYSELF, the person I choose to be, instead of trying to fit the expectations of people around me.

I want to tell you that you are one of my Big Heroes now. There is no way I would have had the presence of mind to stand up to those officers the way you did, but if I am ever in that position, I will think about you and try.

I wish you nothing but the best in your quest for justice.

Everett Attebury
email: everettattebury at gmail.com |

October 2007
Ed, God bless you, I'm a 44 year old white conservative and I am constantly harassed for the crime of living in the wrong neighborhood. We were (and I quote) "The only white people on the block." I'm not rich, I work for a living and The Cops make me justify why I'm here and what kind of drugs I just bought -- I.D. included. But not anymore, you have shown me that we can stand up. I'm proud to know who you are, a great American

-- Bob
Robert Lozonne
Hello Mr. Lawson,

I'm probably one of many people to contact you. I saw your videos on YouTube today while sitting in Seoul, South Korea where I'm an exchange student studying technology, economics and policy.

I remember being stopped by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies when I was in fifth grade. I was asked if I was in a gang. Why? Because my shoe laces were red. A year later, my mom and I moved to an LA suburb. That was in the late 1980s.

Some areas of Southern California are notably worse than others. For example, when I worked the graveyard shift in Burbank I was stopped at least four times over the course of 18 months. Now that I am outside of the US looking in from YouTube, I can see things a little bit more clearly.

I'm 29 years old and in my final year of college now, and next year I'll have a degree from the University of Washington. A few years before leaving California for school, I thought I'd try out for a job with the Los Angeles Police Department. I wanted to be one of the good cops. Passing their tests was not hard at all. Nevertheless, I eventually scrapped the plan and pursued education instead. I'm so glad I did.

I love what you are doing with new media. I love your stories and the work that you are doing. On behalf of my younger brother, who is entering high school now and will soon start his adult life as a young black man, I thank you. Please, keep up the good work!


Jerome Sung-Jae McCuin
Senior, University of Washington Comparative History of Ideas

September 2007

Hi Edward,

1. I was just recently rousted by SD County Deputies for walking along the road here [carrying a pick] in the rural area where I live. I was held in cuffs for 30 minutes when I heard my ID come back clear after about 3 minutes. I tell you this to point out my respect for Law enforcement aint exactly at an all time high.

I found out about this [Tapia Park in Malibu] shooting today from a friend, and they knew more about it and the ranger involved. Some facts that tend to exonerate the ranger are omitted from the article written from the family's POV. Some of the things in the other passengers statements about the ranger in question are inconsistent with his background and level of experience. Not saying that he cant possibly have done what they say he did, just it doesnt add up to me, and I know lots of State Park Rangers and have seen how they act. They are WAY different than say, East LA station LA County and SD Deputies.

I think keeping an eye on this is good for keeping the department honest, but I think for know at least people should spend more time helping guys like the Jena 6. We KNOW they are getting railroaded and a different set of laws applied tio them than white guy had laid on them.

Just my opinion, thanks for having a blog out there keeping an eye on what we used to call "The man."

More info from her would be hard to get, but she was pretty upset about how the incident and the ranger who pulled the trigger have been portrayed by the deceased's family and friends. The Jena 6 story can be found at http://colorofchange.org |. Basically they are a bunch of black kids from La who are getting railroaded by southern cracker DA and sherrif. the whole thing started when some black kids asked faculty for, and received permission to, sit in the shade of a "white" tree on a HS campus. The jethroes then humg nooses in the tree the next day. When the African American students protested, the DA came to school and told them to behave or he would make life hell for them. Over the next months there were inter-racial violence, and at one point a white kid pulled a gun on a black kid. The black kid took it away, and if I remember it right, the DA prosecuted him for stealing the Gun!!!!!!!! i may have the details a little wrong, but for sure the evil jim crow we all learned to hate and fear in the 60s is alive and well for some of these pinche white kids and the POS District atty. Thanks again for keeping the fight up for the constituition, and respec for everyone.

You know even better than me, its just wrong to give in to the man when he does wrong.

Give EL my regards.

el Gordo from eastern SD County

Jena 6: http://colorofchange.org/jena/message.html |

Jena 6

2007 Videos
Dear Edward:
I viewed your YouTube videos | today and posted the embedded code at MySpace.com. I hope you do not mind. As many people as possible should be exposed to this type of outlaw behavior so I reposted your videos.

I've had run-ins with "lawmen" who have exceeded their delegated authority, conspired with magistrates and spent some time in the hands of jailers. My crimes ? Alleged violation of the Vehicle Code, victimless crimes at best.

One magistrate gave me 14 days "to think about it..." think about the challenge to his constitutional authority which I had the temerity to raise before the "court." And I'm a white man. It seems that those of us who were pretty much immune to this type of treason because of our color are now viewed as enemies of the state. I want to give you a word of encouragement. Hang in there, never give up, and keep up the good fight.
Thank you for your efforts in this struggle.
Alex K
AlexanderElectric at verizon.net

Dear Mr. Lawson,
I just wanted to say that I just watched your video on how you overturned the California I.D. Law. As a young, college educated, black man, I just wanted to say how much your case inspired me. You once said that one of the goals of that [Supreme Court] case was to educate the public, and to let us know that a single individual can make a difference. I just wanted to say that, at least in my case, you've succeeded. Thank you. Sincerely, Matthew Jackson
Supreme Court video QuickTime 7 | on Blip TV | YouTube videos |
Mr. Lawson,

After stumbling upon your YouTube videos | and watching them, I am shocked to discover that such an atrocity existed. I just have to personally say that what you have done and are still doing today is amazing and that if the world was populated with people only of your intelligence and courage, we wouldn't have a single problem.
Thomas B.
Winnipeg MB Canada
email: tblore at gmail.com |
Edward Lawson Supreme Court
Edward Lawson YouTube videos |
Edward Lawson YouTube
Edward Lawson YouTube videos |

YouTube director: http://YouTube.com/profile?user=zorron7 |
YouTube Video Comment: http://youtube.com/watch?v=qXUZCYcv_BY | see video
YouTube Comments:

It's great you watched Edward's stuff. He is very articulate and inspiring. I would call him a 'point of light' in the darkness the Bush family has created. If we had 999 more just like edward we'd have 1000 points of light. YouTube member: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=blahinhawaii |

Cops Stop Kids - Because of what they wear -- Ricki Lake Show - on BlipTV |
Edward Lawson,

So well spoken its nearly ridiculous, I thank Mr. Lawson for his conviction and achievements. If there were but 1,000 more individuals of his capacity in this country we would be a truly free nation.

I remember your case. It was a landmark decision and there were elements of possible racism involved. I agree with the decision of the Supreme Court and taught it in the academy. I knew a Lieutenant who made two arrests well into the '90s, the second one after he had been dressed down for the first one, charging the subject with the section of the California penal code -- 647e -- you were instrumental in getting struck down. Some people never learn. I'd like to see the California Penal Code gone over with a fine tooth comb and those laws which have been struck down removed from the books entirely. Until that happens education of the police needs to cover that issue and people need to stay current. New decisions come down all the time.

I was a cop for fifteen years and used my training and experience to attempt to identify people who were suspects or who, by virtue of their appearance might -- and I emphasize might -- be likely, based on experience, to cause problems. When I was wrong -- and not being a deity, I'm not infallible -- I would apologize for detaining the individuals and allow them to go on their way. That's how responsible cops behave and most cops are, in my experience, responsible.

Profiling -- which is only seen as negative when race is involved, curiously -- is a tool used by law enforcement to narrow down the suspect pool when there is no evidence leading to a specific individual. The FBI pretty much invented it and it is used effectively but to include and to exclude possible suspects. If you know you are looking for a person of a certain age, height, body type, hair color, one who wears a specific type of clothing it is for those types of people you will be looking. In an area where crimes are most often committed by people of one race, the profile will include that information. Few crimes on the streets of Oakland are committed by white kids in preppy clothing and if no witness comes forward to say that, yes, there were a gang of what looked like frat boys involved, most of those interviewed will be Black.

If I was investigating white collar crime -- the Ivan Boeskys and Michael Milikins you mentioned on the show -- be sure that the people I'd be talking to would be business suited lawyers, stock brokers and money men. If the problems I'm charged with investigating are drug dealing, gang banging, drive by shootings and the like in an area like Hunters Point/Bayview, I am going to be talking to young black men in clothing typical of those who have committed those crimes in the past. If a call goes out over the air to be on the lookout for a light skinned Hispanic male, 25-35, with short black hair wearing Latin banger type clothing, I will not stop black kids or a tall blonde.

If I were working meth cases in the Livermore Valley, I'd be talking to white dudes who looked like bikers since they are the most likely types to be involved. Are all white biker types crank dealers? No, but so far, no Black dudes have been involved so I wouldn't be looking at them initially unless I got information that some were involved. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and leaves duck droppings, it's a good chance that it is a duck and if you're looking for ducks, you don't stop chickens, pigeons or blue herons.

I remember meeting you when you were in Berkeley, a musician buying stuff at Al Lasher Electronics and talking about your case in San Diego. Even back then, you were articulate. You were also convinced that the whole thing pivoted on race. I never entirely believed you. I still don't. If you look like a person of a type that is often involved in crimes in a given area or at a given time, then you may become a person of interest to the police. I told my younger son when he was a mall rat that if he and his friends decided to look like the kind of kids who were causing problems in the mall -- the whole skater/thrasher look -- they would be spoken to by the mall security people and even the local cops when things happened.

Hope all is well with you and yours in this Holiday season,

Jamie Fraser-Paige
San Leandro
CA SFPD Retired

U.S. Supreme Court Civil Rights Case
Walking While Black Viewer Comments:

Arizona School Teacher - comments on Edward C. Lawson video

James Glennon - comments on Edward C. Lawson video
Edward Lawson YouTube videos |
December 1, 2006

Very impressive story and video. Makes me want to find and root out some more social injustice. I hope it moves everyone as it has me. Thanks Mr. Lawson, Mr. Longnecker, and DoctorMason for the pointer to this vid.
2006 Long Beach Airport Arrest
Edward Lawson YouTube videos |
police state in action, a cause for concern and action
TSA/police idiocy, combined with that new backscatter X-ray machine that lets TSA employees look under your clothes, images from which are so detailed that you can tell whether the guy is circumcised or not, are part of the reason why I'll be happy never to take a commercial flight anywhere for the foreseeable future.
This is something that more people should watch. Yes, it's a long story, but it's not filled with unnecessary detail, so that doesn't really seem to me to be a problem. The issue here isn't that he mouthed off to a police officer, the issue is that the police officer thinks it's his duty to shit on the Constitution by declaring that it doesn't apply in airports. The idea that he would be detained for four days, not even allowed to contact anyone on the outside world, is frightening.

Just last night I was talking to some of the third year law students about you and your struggle to change the law in California. Although I've been a cracker my entire life, I have come to the realization that I am a brother trapped in a white mans body, but the cause of Civil Rights didn't die with Rosa Parks. It's still alive because of people like you and me.

Your an inspiration bro!

Farhod Azarbaydjani

December 1, 2006
I must start by saying I am a white women from a very whitebread town -- anyway, I saw you on a television program probably 20 years ago while living in Texas -- at that time, I had hoped you'd become the voice for African Americans, as no one else seemed to be discussing the issues like you were. I admired you greatly at that time and am happy I found you on the web. I am very interested in what you are doing and hoping you are still a voice for people. This is my first fan letter.
julie dilley
November 24, 2006

Dear Mr. Lawson,
I read your account of your arrest last August with dismay. Have you considered any legal action against the Long Beach Police Dept.? I don't understand how any state agency can act in such a manner and remain immune from civil or even criminal jurisprudence. In any event, I'm sorry for your treatment at the hands of those whose salaries my taxes fund.
John Chernoff
Arcata CA
November 2006

Ed Lawson:
Learn to be quiet and respect authority.
Sometimes it isn't fair and that's that!
Everyone is tired of hearing people complain about "the police weren't fair" BS!
Be glad there are those willing to do a police officer's job cause I wouldn't!
Brittney -- age 23 from Veoh
November 22, 2006

Your arrest at the airport ~ video on Veoh

Mr. Lawson, I was shocked to see your video, and had no idea this kind of thing was going on. I've posted a link on our homepage tonight at http://global-air.com to the video on veoh.com and hope as many people as possible see it. Can you tell me what ultimately happened?

This video is a must-see for everyone.
Wonder what happened to Mr. Lawson after this?

Ron Howes
Global Air Referral Service
Princeton, Minnesota
site:  http://global-air.com
email: sales@global-air.com |
Veoh: http://www.veoh.com/users/globalair |

Edward Lawson YouTube videos | GlobalAir: http://global-air.com |
We all need to stand up for our rights as this homeland security excuse is out of control in our country I have had problems at the airport as I don't have a state issued drivers license I use my military ID for identification and have been asked [for other ID]. Veoh: http://www.veoh.com/users/limey33 |

Mr. Lawson.

Let me introduce myself, I am Corry Wauford in Riverview Florida. In a day and age where people are so often labeled, I would label myself (politically) as a conservative, a little right of Todd Schnitt (Local radio personality) and a little left of Rush Limbaugh. I am not , as you describe some in your discussion of the Kolender v. Lawson case, black or brown or young. My formal education ended with my highschool diploma in 1991. I am currently employed as a computer programmer for a web design company.

I happened upon a video of you on Google Video, talking about your experience in the Long Beach International Airport. I was struck immediately by what I heard. The clarity of your voice is matched only by the clarity of thought put forth by your words. Either on your website, or spoken on one of yourYouTube videos |, I read or heard you describe yourself as a liberal, or otherwise align yourself with liberalism.

Most who call themselves liberals are quickly ignored by this conservative, but I listened to you, and could not, nor would I want to, disagree with a single word you had to say. I am not sure where the split is between my politics and yours, but my stance on the importance of our constitutional rights is directly in line with yours. I certainly have not been able to express it in a manner that is close to your eloquence.

Why am I writing to you?

Simply to say how much I appreciate someone standing up for what is right. I hate to sound like Archie Bunker telling Samy Davis Jr. "You're a credit to your race." But I have heard so many "black or brown or young" people who could do with a dose of your verbal skills. I was among those who found the very idea of a separate language called "eubonics" very offensive.

I expect I will be viewing your website with some frequency as I am in awe of how you, reminiscent of an autistic idiot savant (that's a compliment), are able to recall details of events, and of your style in retelling them.

If you have read this far, thank you for indulging me. You may find humor in this Chris Rock skit, but it does have a considerable amount of profanity: http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2458063 |

God Bless,


This is the most disturbing and angering story I've heard.  So glad you have this documented.  In the future it might come in handy if the LB Airport has further problems, but it's just good that is was recorded.  Also just unbelievable.  I hope this country isn't turning into Nazi germany.

Rob Durbin
St. Louis, Missouri

Edward Lawson YouTube videos |

Hello Mr. Lawson:

Perhaps you don't remember me, but my story may jog your memory a bit. We'll see....

As a young man, back in 1983, I had the privilege and honor, along with good fortune, of seeing you walking along Durant Avenue, heading towards Shattuck, I think.

During that time, I was a 19 or 20 year old Computer Operator, working at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and had already heard about your case. Needless to say, I was inspired by your courage and heartfelt determination, and had wondered what actually happened in San Diego. When I approached you, you never broke your stride, but you didn't turn me away. You offered some solid advice, guidance, and I was (and still am) very grateful. Those words, along with your openness proved to be extremely critical in my development, as well as my overall approach to life. I mentioned to you that I had applied to San Jose State University, as well as U.C. Berkeley, and I recall you saying "Why would you go to San Jose, when Berkeley is right here for you"... I'm paraphrasing, but it went something like that... interestingly enough, I had never thought of it that way, but you were right... unfortunately, I wasn't accepted into Cal, but did wind up at San Jose State.

After hearing your audio version of the sequence of events (website) I guess it's safe to say you were probably leaving Boalt Hall during that special day!

Just wanted to say Thank You for doing the right thing. You helped shape a young Black mind, and I'm proud to say that I'm a very productive citizen and have lived felony free all of my 43 years, and I try my best to listen to others, as you listened to me.

God Bless...

Fred D. Tolliver

Mr. Lawson,

I was poking around looking at film stuff and saw your account on the case to the Supreme Court.


Put me on your e-mail list for civil rights stuff. I live on the Oregon Coast, but am from Redding and went to school in the Napa Valley a long time ago.

We live in parlous times for civil rights. Keep up the good work.


James Robert Becraft


July 29, 2005


I met you when I was working at Al Lasher's Electronics in Berkeley some years ago. You were there buying some kind of electronic device to use in your music, as I recall. When I became a police officer in San Francisco, I had occasion to use your case in teaching the law of search and seizure as well as teaching my recruits that just because a law is on the books doesn't mean that it meets the test for Constitutionality. In fact, I knew a police Lieutenant who twice tried to apply Cal PC 647(e) on the street. He was advised of the Court's decision on both occasions but it didn't seem to stick. I had cause today to look up the case to explain that the proposed National ID might be a bit hard to make mandatory.

I retired five years ago and do things very different from my former profession. I am a long-time Libertarian and have always been at odds with myself over issues of civil liberty and police efficiency.

Just to let you know that you were remembered not only as an activist, but as a musician. Are you still making music, or has your life turned to political activism completely?

With respect,.

Jamie Fraser-Paige
San Leandro, CA

March 04, 2005

I just saw your article on the internet and it brought back some very old memories for me. Sometimes you don't realize what has happened to you until you are much older. My first experience with this type of thing took place in South Bend, Indiana, in the shadow of Notre Dame's golden dome. At 11 years old, a friend and I were surrounded by police for getting lost in a white neighborhood and knocking at the wrong door. We were told that we fit the description of someone who had attempted to rape someone. They seem to take particular pleasure witnessing the terror on our faces. That was 1971 and "Riding While Black" had not quite caught the eye of society yet so it was treated as a joke.

This joke that has stayed with me 34 years and counting. I have had troopers approach my car, gun drawn, for a speeding ticket. It would be interesting to note how many black men carry scars, such as ours, around for their entire life. I am an educated military vet who still gets the look when I walk into a store. The sad part is that in my travels I have found that the American media has spread this poison worldwide thanks to the wonders of television. From Europe to Asia there are TV conceived notions of black men. They want to dress, dance, talk, and carry themselves like us but just don't go in their stores or to their homes or date their daughters. Just thought I would add one more perspective to your replies.



November 01, 2004

Wish you the best of luck with this case. It will be very interesting to see the outcome. KUDOS to you for standing up to Glassboro's BULLIES.

Past resident and First Hand Knowledge of Glassboro Police

Janette Powell

November 01, 2004

Dear Edward Lawson Please read this and tell me if im in the right,

The other night my friends and I were driving up to a Dunkin Donuts where many kids meet up in my town. As I am driving up I witness two kids fighting. Naturally we jump out of my car to join the crowd and see what happens. About a minute later the cops come and break up the fight and tell everyone to leave and also that for now on if there are more then 5 people hanging out they will be told to leave and if they come back they will be arrested for loitering. We then drove off and after about ten minutes came back to get the donuts and coffee that we had came to get. Two cops were still outside keeping an eye out. As im waiting in line one of my friends goes out to have a cigarette. The cops tells him that he needs to leave. My friend then tells him that he is going to buy something but is waiting for the line to die down. The cop then yells at him that he needs to go inside, get me, and leave. I tell my friend no and I get my donut. I then walked out  with donut in hand and talk to another friend who had just driven up. The cop ran over to me and told me to leave. I told him that i had bought something and even showed him the donut but he still yelled for me to go. I then said fine just let me right down this kids phone number. The cop, who is now screaming says "I'll give you till the count of 5 to leave or I'm arresting you." I then get into my car and leave as he's counting down.

Do the cops have the right to arrest me for not leaving?

I feel like I was violated and I vowed that the next time I'm asked to leave after purchasing something that I will stand my ground and go away in handcuffs before leaving. If you know anything on the laws or have any advice please email me back.

Thanks Alot


ps: I will be there to support David String |

Legal Note: Glassboro, New Jersey has an ordinance on the books that says if a law enforcement officer asks a citizen to leave a location, it is unlawful stay there. We see that ordinance as unconstitutional. That is part of what the 2004 David String arrest was all about. 

August 05, 2004

Hello Mr. Lawson:

I recently have been severely mistreated by a police officer for a petty speeding ticket in which he made some demeaning comments to my competency to drive "stupid" was the term he used to describe me not to mention him putting his hands on me and threatening to arrest me for defending myself then telling me to shut up if I know what's good for me. I am not guilty in this case, I don't care I want to get rid of this officer and make a complaint to someone that will do something about it this isn't the first time I have been mis-treated by a police officer but it is the fist time that I will do something about it if you can help me and tell me which direction I can go about making a complaint like this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

William Moore

Painting by Mauricio Robalino
August 25, 2004

Edward! Thank you for your time today. You were very, very helpful on a ton of levels! We are on the case and we will call again when we have more info and further questions. I am attaching pictures of us camping! Monad is one of the other artists. We have so far 3 super solid cases and now we are gonna look for more!! You are and inspired and inspiring friend!

Mauricio Robalino ~
site: artpeople.com is my web site
site: monadnucleus.com is Monad's web site. 

July 14, 2004









October 22, 2003

If you only knew what happened to me this May 15, 2003. The excessive use of force on me, a woman, half the size of the man who had initially beaten me, after calling 911 for help. I was following the officer's order to return to the sidewalk area, as I turned around to comply, he grabbed me by behind, and next thing I knew, I had two LAPD squawkers on my back, face down in the dirt, while keeping knees in my back, and twisting my already cuffed hand to the point of me hearing it crack

And that's just the beginning...

I was the victim of domestic violence, and they arrested ME!! because -- heaven forbid -- I told an officer to get off my back as he was inflicting great pain.

And that's not even the tip of the iceberg.

I hear you Edward

P Harbeck 

September 2003


I must applaud your efforts against undue harassment by police officials.

Like you, I was constantly being stopped by police in the early 80's just because of my hair and not being in a place that looked as if I belonged.

When officers asked for my identification (for no apparent reason), I asked if they knew who you were and that what they were asking for had been deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court explaining your case to them.

When threatened with arrest if I did not produce Identification, I pulled 2 articles from my wallet about Kolender VS Lawson which were printed in Time magazine. Needless to say I ALWAYS walked after producing the articles.

It is very easy for an intelligent, articulate person to get the police to realize they are in the wrong and messing with the wrong person. Thank you for being a person for the people. If there is any way I can contribute to your causes, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Mark Francisco
email: mgfrncsco@aol.com

Dear AIH,

Here's a lead for you.

The attached is from a fascinating man named Edward Lawson, who has recently been arrested in California. I think you might find Edward a great radio interview. Not only is he highly articulate, opinionated and educated, he has a wonderful radio voice -- and a powerful personal story to tell.

Here is what I know of him:

I met Edward in Vancouver, in 1971. He was performing in the Vancouver Playhouse production of Othello, to rave reviews. He was an extraordinary physical specimen. Very tall, with a dancer's build and grace, jet black skin with brilliant eyes and teeth, and an enormous crop of what we now call dreadlocks. He had (and has) a Laurence Olivier voice, with the power to shake windows.

Edward's celebrity status on that gig was greatly enhanced when he was arrested one evening by the Vancouver police. The cops thought he was a hippie vagrant, and when he declined to produce ID they roughed him up and threw him in the tank. The following morning he called a press conference.

In a grand Shakespearean soliloquy, he described his ordeal. The cameras loved him, and he managed to embarrass the police force into a public apology. It was a fine moment.

I lost track of Edward for many years, but this much I know of his later exploits:

He was again arrested under virtually identical circumstances by the La Jolla, California police in 1983, and this time took the case to the Supreme Court.

He won a landmark civil rights decision (KOLENDER v. LAWSON.)

Edward formed a civil rights action group and began appearing on national talk shows and town halls.

Now, as you'll see from the documents, he has been arrested yet again for, as he says, "breathing while being black."

And as you'll see in the attachments, he is not going down quietly.

Edward's email address is
email: EdwardLawson@EdwardLawson.com |
His phone number is 310 289-4700.

Over to you.

Love the show.


Trevor McConnell
email: tmcc@telusplanet.net |
403 809 5389
3, 321 13th Street NW Calgary AB Canada T2N 1Z3

May 2003
If you only knew what happened to me this May 15, 2003.

The excessive use of force on me, a woman, half the size of the man who had initially beaten me, after calling 911 for help.

I was following the officer's order to return to the sidewalk area, as I turned around to comply, he grabbed me by behind, and next thing I knew, I had two LAPD squawkers on my back, face down in the dirt, while keeping knees in my back, and twisting my already cuffed hand to the point of me hearing it crack... and that's just the beginning.

I was the victim of domestic violence, and they arrested ME!! because -- heaven forbid -- I told an officer to get off my back as he was inflicting great pain...

and that's not even the tip of the iceberg...

I hear you Edward...

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