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Angelo E. Gousse M.D. -vs- City of Los Angeles | 2001 to 2004
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Angelo Gousse
In 2001 a Florida urological reconstructive surgeon, Angelo Gousse. Dr. Gousse was visiting Los Angeles for a conference at the UCLA Medical Center when he got lost attempting to find his hotel in Santa Monica. Dr. Gousse was pulled over by the [LAPD] police in a high-risk traffic stop. When he asked the officers what was wrong, he was informed that he was driving a stolen vehicle. Dr. Gousse begged the officers to check the paperwork in the vehicle's glove compartment that would prove he had just rented the vehicle from Budget Rental. The officers did not check the paperwork. Although Dr. Gousse continuously complained about the tightness of his handcuffs, officers failed to loosen them. Handcuffs |

-- University of Miami ~ Angelo Gousse, M.D. |

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